Thermodul Skirting Board Heating for Homeowners

Skirting board heating for the homeMost homes in the UK use radiators to heat their rooms. Radiators are often unsightly, and as the heat is emitted from one point in the room, cold spots can occur.

An alternative to radiators is Thermodul Skirting Heating. A sleek Italian design which frees up wall space, Thermodul radiates heat around the perimeter of the room giving a feeling of comfort similar to that of under floor heating, but is much more responsive.

In addition, because of the reduced amount of water to heat in the system, energy savings of 30-40% can be achieved.

Thermodul can easily be retrofitted to a house using existing pipework, or incorporated into a new build. There’s even an electrical version for situations where a hot water boiler is not feasible, and our dual fuel system (water & electrical) is an ideal match for renewable heat sources such as heat pumps and solar PV.

Thermodul skirting heating can be fitted in all rooms, and even in conservatories and as kickboard heating in kitchens.

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